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Latest Features and Bug Fixes for the CSlib

This page is a continuous listing of new features and bug fixes for the CSlib client/server library.

You can download the current tarball from the download page which includes all the features/fixes listed below, and re-build the CSlib from scratch.

What version of the CSlib do you have?

A CSlib "version" is the date when it was released, such as 13 Aug 2018. The CSlib is updated continuously. Every time we fix a bug or add a feature, we release it immediately, as listed below. Each dated copy of the CSlib contains all the features and bug-fixes up to and including that version date. The version date is stored in the src/version.h file in the CSlib distribution. It is also in the CSlib directory name created when you unpack a tarball.

13 Aug 2018

Initial public release of the CSlib. This version supercedes earlier distributed beta versions.